Loafers // Natural w/suede sole

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These soft vegetable tanned leather shoes have an elastic opening that keeps shoes from falling off and also makes them easy to put on and remove. The sole is a soft suede to help prevent slipping on smooth surfaces. These are a refined version of our original Natural loafers and they are made with a smoother, even softer leather that is very breathable. Perfect for summer! These shoes will darken with age and when conditioned with leather oils/beeswax.

We apply a coat of beeswax and natural oils to all of our natural (untreated) veg tanned leather shoes to protect the leather. Vegetable tanned leather is a tough material perfect for outdoor adventures. However, over time and with use, the leather can become dry. If you notice that your shoes are starting to look dry, take some time to care for your product with a leather conditioner. Simple oils such as coconut oil, mineral oil, or olive oil also work well. Rub in a light coat of oil evenly, then buff with a clean dry rag. You can repeat these steps as many times as you like, but keep in mind that conditioning leather usually darkens it slightly (this is normal).

Vegetable tanned leather is a non-toxic, durable, eco-friendly, and beautiful leather that becomes stronger and acquires a beautiful rich patina as it ages. For the first month of actual use, we recommend that you avoid exposing veg tanned leather shoes to wet weather to allow the fibers time to soften and absorb oils to increase its natural water resistance.