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Gray Fox is an eco-conscious maker of gender-neutral, minimal and stylish baby and toddler shoes. All of our products are handmade in Maine using exceptionally soft, high quality, vegetable tanned leather. We invest time and care in sourcing the best, most eco-conscious and non-toxic leather available. We do this not only because we care deeply about our impact on the environment but also because we want our shoes to be safe for the children who wear them, play with them, and likely chew on them.

Our shoes are especially designed for the developing foot with soft and flexible leather soles that allow feet to feel the surface of the ground and promote the development of muscle strength as babies and toddlers learn to walk and explore their environments.

We currently offer two shoe styles: loafers and laced oxfords.
We package our shoes in bags that are made from 100%  organic cotton and all of our paper products are made from recycled materials because WE CARE ABOUT THAT SORT OF THING.


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Gray Fox was founded in 2017 by Gabby Doane, who lives in Cape Elizabeth, Maine with her husband and 2 kids - Gus and Eloise. 

When Gus was a baby, Gabby made him his first pair of shoes out of some scrap leather she had been holding on to. She wanted to make him comfortable shoes that would stay on his feet and were gender neutral. The shoes she made were based on the easy on/off soft soled elastic closure shoes in the market but had a minimalist design that made them unlike anything she had been able to find.

Drawing on her newly found shoe-making success and her experience as a designer and a Mom, Gabby founded Gray Fox to make practical, ethical, minimal shoes for the developing feet of babies and toddlers.



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